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Service Process
6 Steps to Success.

  1. Recruiting.
    Supertemp and Peapell & Associates recruit candidates through a variety of different sources (Internet, Yellow Page advertisements, Human Resources and Skills Development Canada, including Summer Students Centres, business colleges and referrals).  We never stop recruiting!
  2. Applying.
    Candidates are then required to complete an application form, which requests basic information regarding education, work experience, and skills and qualifications.
  3. Interviewing & Assessing
    Qualified candidates are invited to our office for in-person interviews. They have two separate interviews with two consultants in order to get a fair and unbiased opinion of each candidate. Candidates are questioned about their work experience, skills, gaps in employment, reasons for leaving previous jobs, and references. Each consultant also evaluates the candidate’s motivation and eagerness to work, attitude, and availability.
  4. Reference Checking
    We conduct reference checks with candidates’ previous employers, obtaining information on skills, attitude, reliability, punctuality, attendance and reason for leaving. We conduct a minimum of three reference checks verbally, via e-mail, fax, and/or mail.
  5. Testing
    Depending on the position, we administer extensive testing, utilizing PreVisor talent measurement tools, including typing speed and accuracy, word processing, data entry and accounting, finance, and clerical tests before a candidate is referred.
  6. Quality Control.
    We use a quality control card system, online feedback and telephone quality checks in order to ensure you are satisfied with the temporary employee.